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What You Need to Know About Office 365 Reselling

There are more than 120 million businesses that use Office 365, making it one of the most popular productivity suites. As a result, you might consider being an Office 365 reseller. You will not even need to do a lot of marketing as most business people are already familiar with it. Reselling can potentially give you a significant profit, but its market has quite a fierce competition. Below is a guide to help you resell your Office 365 at a profit.

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Join a Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP)

CSP has currently replaced Microsoft advisor programs and Microsoft Open, which allows you full control over monthly billings and customer relationship. You can work with either direct or indirect CSP, but the indirect is a better choice as it allows you to bundle various other products with your offer for Office 365.

Be the Mentor and Trainer to Your Customer

Training and mentoring your customers as a way of accelerating adoption is a tactic that has been tried and tested many times over to prove that it can increase revenue. The idea for this is to try and fill the skill gap brought about by the introduction of new versions of products in the market. There is a very high possibility that your potential customers are not acquainted with Office 365. They probably just switched to it to simply follow the trend but do not realize what it can do for them. You should try to ensure all its users in the company are comfortable with the solution and realize both its limits and benefits. Make sure you let the clients know exactly how you intend to do the essential training beforehand. Of course, you can charge a fee for the service.

Offer Insight Analytics

Giving reports to a team is an excellent way of helping them with their productivity. They can use the reports to make decisions that are related to IT. Make sure that the customers receive the data in real time. The data should include things such as subscriptions, usage, and request history. It will help them to determine the state of information technology in their business. You can increase your revenue by charging a fee for this service as well.

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Offer Support

Just as with any IT business, support is a crucial component. You should thus ensure that your offer entails all the support that your clients may need. Add value by charging a fee, which you can structure in whichever way you prefer.