Types Of Security Cameras

With the advancement in technology, there are a variety of security cameras to choose from depending on your needs. The cameras will secure your property whether it’s your home or business. Selecting the best camera for the right purpose is important.

Infrared Security Cameras

cameras for securityThey are designed to view dark areas by using infrared technology. The thermal images are accurate and they do not use flashlights when recording at night. They capture images and videos even in foggy, dust, and smoke conditions.

Infrared cameras are mainly used in banks, manufacturing companies, farms, etc. you can rely on these cameras to capture images in completely dark environments. During the day they capture colored images and at night black and white images. These cameras are ideal for maximum security, they maintain a 24 hours surveillance.

Wireless Security Cameras

As the name suggests the camera connection doesn’t involve the use of cables. You can install the cameras on the wall, fence, tree, or anywhere else as long as there is internet access. They make a place look tidier with wires hanging around.

They have a discreet appearance suitable for churches, stately homes, and museums. The images from wireless security cameras can be transmitted through the internet hence they can be viewed from anywhere. The installation process is easier than any other security camera and therefore they require minimum maintenance. The camera is powered by batteries or solar.

Bullet Cameras

cameras securityThese cameras are long and cylindrical in shape, preferably for outdoor use. They are mainly for viewing images from a long distance. They are fitted with protective suits to prevent dust and dirt. Bullet cameras require little maintenance because they are shielded.

The cameras have infrared night vision making them suitable for darker areas. The camera lenses have a quality resolution hence they capture clear images. They also have a motion sensor property that detects any movement at night or day. The casing protects the camera against rain or water.

Dome Cameras

They are dome-shaped and have lenses inside the dome casing. It is difficult to know which side the camera is facing thus scaring away thieves. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The dome casing is used as a shield making it difficult to interfere with the camera. The camera rotates in 360 degrees giving an all-round view. The dome cameras are used in hotels, clubs, casinos, shops, supermarkets, banks, and other places that require maximum security.